Future of Leadership and Passage Beyond Inertia and Status Quo

Written by Larry Fehd, CEO & Founder / HPS

Invitational Leadership™ is a passage beyond inertia and status quo. By definition, passage is the act or process of moving through, under, over, or past something on the way from one place to another; the act or process of moving forward. Passage requires courage and, for me, the following quote exemplifies the numerous benefits: “Life begins at the edge of our comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsh

The title of this week’s post reflects the newly revised HPS tag:Future of Leadership and Passage Beyond Inertia and Status Quo.” My belief is that Invitational Leadership™ is the future of leadership. I further believe that the action of Invitational Leadership™ reflects a passage by stepping beyond inertia and status quo. Check out our new tag and content under the WHY HPS section at www.hp-strategies.com

Invitational Leadership™ is the future and is not based solely on my origination of the concept. I believe it because it reflects an evolution in the nature of work and the work environment. This reality demands more of ourselves as well as our leaders. As noted in a recent post, Break Through Inertia and Status Quo, the first invitation must be extended to ourselves.

 Last week’s post was about Reflection: Moment vs Process. The same principles apply to leadership (i.e. taking a moment to reflect as well as the process of reflection). Reflection provides an opportunity to recognize and affirm ourselves when we are leading at our best and to make adjustments when we could be leading better. Progress, not perfection!

Thank you for your confidence in my work and participation in this blog, The Architects of Human Potential™. Your comments and encouragement have meant a great deal to me throughout this year. They help fuel my commitment to continue growing, learning and sharing. We are all architects of human potential and I look forward to growing, learning and sharing more with you in the New Year.

 “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”    John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) served as the 6th President of the United States from 1825 to 1829.

 Tips and Practical Applications: 

  • Courage is often associated with defying fear. Recall that FEAR is an acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real. How might fear (as a belief) be preventing you from choosing the path of courage? What would you need to do to shift your beliefs in order to exercise more courage?
  • If you’re open to consider that Invitational Leadership™ is a passage beyond inertia and status quo, what price are you paying for remaining stuck in inertia and status quo. Would you be willing to step – and not just think – outside-the-box? Name three steps you can begin today.
  • Engage others in meaningful conversations about the invitations that you would like to extend to yourself in the New Year. Establish a support team for encouragement and accountability.

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Future of Leadership and Passage
Beyond Inertia and Status Quo

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Larry Fehd is CEO and founded Human Performance Strategies (HPS) in 2000 following a successful career with Johnson & Johnson where he led executive leadership, team and organizational development. He is masterful at helping clients to break through inertia and the status quo.  He conceived the new and proprietary concept of Invitational Leadership™. He envisions the future of leadership as a passage beyond inertia and status quo and works with clients to develop invitational leaders at all levels of the organization.  He consults to a diverse group of U.S. and international clientele, and speaks and writes about, building high-performance leaders, cultures, teams and organizations.

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