Simple, Substantive, Sustainable COMMITMENTS to ‘What Matters Most’

Written by Larry Fehd, CEO & Founder / HPS

Short of “leaping tall buildings, running faster and being more powerful than…”, and despite our best of intentions and efforts, we simply cannot do it all. Much of what captures, holds our attention hostage, and consumes the majority of our time is externally imposed. However, we have the power and can choose to invest a few minutes each morning to re-commit and focus on ‘What Matters Most’ to us. This is not being selfish, a disregard for others, or an unwillingness to help others get their ‘What Matters Most’ needs met. It is simply an opportunity to identify, focus on and pursue what truly matters most.

True wealth is discretionary time to pursue ‘What Matters Most’ to us. We cannot rewind, redo, or replay the past as life takes place in the present and on a real-time basis. The solution is not about better time management. The solution is about setting priorities and then committing, disciplining, and executing around those priorities in the pursuit of ‘What Matters Most’ to us.

So, where do we go from here? I would first like to provide some context by referencing a scene from the movie, Dead Poets Society, starring the late Robin Williams. During one segment, Williams (who played an iconoclastic teacher) stood behind a closely huddled group of students who were peering into the school’s display case filled with old alumni photos. He whispered, “Carpe Diem, seize the day, make your lives extraordinary.” He reminded them that everyone in the photos had long since passed and were now, “pushing daisies”. The truth is that with each passing moment we are all moving closer to “pushing daisies”. Let us not join the many who dismiss this reality. Instead, let us choose to seize the day by focusing on and committing to pursue and accomplish ‘What Matters Most’ to us.


Tips for the Pursuit of Simple, Substantive and Sustainable COMMITMENTS: 

  • Be aware of, acknowledge, and affirm all of the progress that you have made with your ‘What Matters Most’ commitments this month.
  • Be aware of, acknowledge, and ask yourself why you may not have made better progress or perhaps fell short with some commitments. This question is not intended to prompt judgment or shame, which is an acronym by the way: Should Have Already Mastered Everything.  It is simply intended to raise awareness so you can make adjustments to thoughts or actions that may be hindering your progress and then refocusing on your commitments to ‘What Matters Most.’
  • Review the Tips for ‘What Matters Most’ in the first article; select and initiate at least one action.
  • Review the Tips for using the Start, Stop, and Continue Framework and Practical Applications featured in the second article; select and initiate at least one action.
  • Review the Tips for Leveraging Measures and Milestones and Tips for Awareness and Affirmations in the third article; select and initiate at least one action.

As January comes to a close and in the context of COMMITMENTS to ‘What Matters Most’, roughly 8.5% of the year will soon be in the past. Said another way, 31 days or 744 hours or 44, 640 minutes will have elapsed. If you have not yet considered your priorities for February and COMMITMENTS to ‘What Matters Most’, now is your opportunity to plan and invest more wisely for next month. Carpe Diem!

Our next issue will be available February 2nd. We will begin an exciting new series on the topic of Exemplary Leadership™. The series will offer many unique perspectives including practical and valuable tips for the pursuit and ascent toward a higher level of leadership performance, Exemplary Leadership™.

Larry Fehd

Chief Executive Officer & Founder / HPS
Executive Leadership & Business Optimization Advisor

M: (512) 415-0748

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