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Igniting Human Potential™

How Great Leaders Perform at their Best by Inspiring the Best in Others

Igniting Human Potential
Front Cover

Igniting Human Potential
Back Cover

"Inspiring the best in others can best be accomplished by invitation."
— Larry Fehd, CEO and Founder, HPS

This inspiring and highly informative new book explains why the best approach for igniting and sustaining the highest potential of employees, teams and organizations is best achieved by invitation. The book contrasts this new invitation approach as a distinguishing characteristic of leadership and management effectiveness with other more traditional and less effective approaches to leadership and management.

This book offers practical, straightforward and effective advice. It introduces a new paradigm for how good leaders can transcend to becoming great leaders by learning how to perform at their best and inspire the best from their people.

This book is based on Mr. Fehd's expertise and extensive work with successful senior executives and executive teams during his career with Johnson & Johnson and today as CEO and founder of HPS.

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