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Igniting Human Potential™

Igniting Human Potential

"Inspiring the best in others can only be accomplished by invitation, not by command, coercion or manipulation." — Larry Fehd, CEO and Founder, HPS

Larry Fehd, CEO and Founder of HPS, presents an exciting new perspective on how leaders can perform at their best and inspire the best from their people. He suggests that inspiring the best, which he describes in his newest book, Igniting Human Potential™, is best accomplished by invitation, not by command or coercion.

Mr. Fehd expands on his belief and his experiences over many years, which demonstrate that tapping the highest potential in people, teams and organizations can only be accomplished by invitation. His presentation and book are based on work with executives and executive teams and grounded in research conducted and published by The Harvard Business School.

Mr. Fehd's seminars, workshops and keynote presentations clearly explain the relationship between Igniting Human Potential™ and Building Strength-Based Teams and Organizations, which makes this opportunity such a unique and compelling learning experience for his audience. Some have described Mr. Fehd as "brilliant," and New York Times best-selling author and international business consultant D.A. Benton adds, "Larry, what is obvious to you is a complete revelation to others."

Igniting Human Potential™ is the newest book from HPS Extraordinary Invitation™ publications. We offer simple, effective and practical resources for senior executives who want to improve their leadership effectiveness, perform at their best and inspire the best from their people.